At Grassroots Gynecology the focus is on your personal needs of all ages and phases. All women are different and respond to their body’s changes in different ways. Here are just some of our areas of specialization.

Incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse

Non-Surgical management of incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse: Both stress incontinence and urge incontinence can often be managed without surgery. This could involve pelvic floor Physical Therapy, vaginal estrogens, medication, bladder training, pessary placement or the Emsella device.
Read more about Emsella here

Chronic Pelvic Pain and Vulvodynia

We take wholistic view on management of chronic pelvic pain as well as vulvar and vaginal pain syndromes like Vaginismus and Vestibulodynia. This may include physical therapy, medications, topical treatments, etc.

Menopausal Medicine

As more and more of us approach menopause may questions arise regarding options for control of symptoms. Many of us wonder what is normal and what we can expect in the coming years. We will work with you to meet the goal of maintaining good nutrition, a healthy weight, bone health and control of bothersome menopausal symptoms.

Vulvar Skin Conditions

Many women struggle with chronic vulvar itching and irritation without a clear diagnosis. Dr. Friedman has had additional training in chronic vulvar skin conditions and treatment and management of chronic conditions such as Lichen Sclerosis and Lichen planus, to name a few.

Women’s Mental Health

Dr. Friedman recently completed a Fellowship in Primary Care Psychiatry through UC Irvine and will use this added knowledge to help women navigate anxiety and depression especially during life transitions.


And More

Many women find that their bodies change subtly as early as their late thirties and some women notice nothing until their periods stop. Because each woman is so different our approach is personalized. We spend ample time with each patient so that we may learn about your particular concerns and help you to address them in a thoughtful way.

Our focuses include:
Preventative Care
Practicing a Healthy Lifestyle
Nutrition and Exercise
Menopause, Perimenopause and Hormonal Changes
Birth Control Options
Sexual Function
Vulvar Skin Diseases and Vulvar Pain Syndromes
Abnormal Pap Smears
Postpartum changes including depression and anxiety
Irregular or Heavy Bleeding